My New Insulin Pump was Approved by Insurance!

Getting new diabetes supplies/equipment makes me feel like a kid on Christmas morning! I have been using the Medtronic Minimed Paradigm insulin pump for the past 4 years. This was my first experience with an insulin pump & it’s time to say goodbye & upgrade! My Medtronic has served me well & has never caused me any issues but after doing some research I decided to switch to an Animas device. Luckily, the Animas Vibe was (FINALLY) approved for use in the United States! The Vibe is an insulin pump that integrates a Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) into the same device. Here is a picture of what my new set up is going to look like (yes, I did choose the pink pump):

The new device(s) have been approved by my insurance & it turns out that my coverage is pretty wonderful. 2 amazing points to share: #1 Animas is giving me a $700 trade in credit for my current pump #2 After I meet my Durable Medical Equipment (DME) deductible ALL of my supplies will be covered at 100% until January 2016! I’m less than $500 short of meeting the deductible at this point so that’s all I’m going to have to pay to get my new pump! I’ve been planning for this since last year so I maxed out my Flexible Spending Account (FSA) so I can pay my balance with un-taxed money. Isn’t it so great when things work out as planned? My order will be placed on March 31st & I will have it only a few days after that. Woo hoo! After a few weeks of use, I’ll post my thoughts on the Animas Vibe.

Love, health & happiness,

Jessica Lynn


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