First Impression of Animas Vibe Insulin Pump System

The first 4 hours of my day was spent obsessively looking out my window to check for the FedEx delivery truck. Was that a knock at the door? Is that a truck I hear driving over the gravel driveway? Did I hear a package being set down outside of my front door? After much anticipation I finally received the packages containing my Dexcom G4 transmitter & Animas Vibe insulin pump supplies. I tore into those boxes like a child on Christmas morning! The dog went running from the room as I scattered paper, cardboard & packing insulation all over my living room.

I like to think of myself as an ‘independent diabetic patient’ & true to that title, I wasn’t going to wait for a training session at my Endocrine office. Heck no! I took the time to read the basics & changed the settings in the new Animas pump. I even went so far as to insert the Dexcom sensor (after viewing a Youtube video- of course). All things are scary the first time & today’s experience was no exception. I want to use the new system for awhile before forming an opinion about it but so far so good! Here are some of my first impressions:


Here’s a shot of all my lovely boxes!


Really enjoying the smaller Animas inset footprint (left) compared to the Medtronic one (right)!


Here’s the intimidating Dexcom (CGM) sensor inserting device. This thing made me nervous!

Stay tuned for more thoughts on the Animas Vibe system to come!

Love, health & happiness,

Jessica Lynn


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