Successful Endo Visit

Update on my endo visit from Monday…

#1 Blood pressure was totally normal (not borderline elevated)! 124/84 to be exact!

#2 Weight is down 8 pounds.

#3 ALL blood work was normal, including my fasting blood glucose of 89 & my HbA1c of……wait for it……..5.4% !!!!! Below is a chart for an explanation of what an HbA1c means in relation to average blood glucose readings & what the ideal levels are.

#4 I have been taking an oral drug called Invokana for about 4 months now & have enjoyed the results. How this medication works is pretty neat. It works with your kidneys to lose (some) sugar through urination. The makers of the drug say you can lose 80-120 grams of glucose daily through urination. I’m using it ‘off label’ since it’s a medication for Type 2s. It has helped me to cut down on the amount of insulin I take. Since this has been working for me I asked my endo about taking it a step further & trying Invokamet instead. That combines the Invokana with Metformin. Metformin is a oral drug commonly used to treat Type 2s that decreases the amount of sugar produced by your liver & improves your body’s response to insulin. My goal with this is to help with the insulin resistance I have, by lowering the amount of insulin intake. We’ll see how the next 3 months go!

That’s all for now!

Love, health, & happiness,

Jessica Lynn


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