Diabetes Blog Week Day 2 ‘Keep it to Yourself’


What are some of the aspects of diabetes that you choose to keep private from the internet?  Or from your family and friends?  Why is it important to keep it to yourself? 

This is a tough topic for me because I feel like I’m an open book when it comes to my diabetes. I’m always willing to share my experience & any knowledge/tips that I may have. Diabetes is such a huge part of who I am so I try my best to not hide any aspect of it from family, friends, or the world.

One thing that I don’t talk about often (if at all) is the uncertainty that I have about my health in the years to come. There was a time when fear consumed me when I thought about this, but thankfully I have a better outlook on it now. My plan is to take care of myself the best way that I can/know how & deal with the future when it becomes the present. I once read an article in the New York Times that stated type 1 diabetes reduces the normal lifespan by 5-8 years. I was in a panic. The article also addressed my biggest fear of kidney failure & dialysis. These are facts that I may have to face one day but the fact is, today is not that day. If I allowed myself to think about these things & be consumed by them, I way wonder ‘what’s the point in taking care of myself’? I think the reason I don’t talk about my fears is also because I don’t want my family to worry about me. I’m here for now & don’t expect to leave anytime soon. I believe that no matter how long a person lives, at the end, we all feel like it’s gone by in the blink of an eye. I’d like to make the best of my time on this earth & spend it doing what I love, with the ones I love & not worrying about things that are out of  my control.


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