Diabetes Doesn’t Take a Day Off

Last week I had an upper endoscopy done to diagnosis some ‘mystery’ GI symptoms I’ve been having on & off for a year. I was so impressed by the concern the staff took to my diabetes. This was the first time any health care professionals (besides my PCP & Endo) even cared about my pump settings & what my blood sugar was!

Last year when I was seen at the hospital for this pain they never even asked what my blood sugar was let alone to test it themselves! I feel that as soon as the nurses and doctor find out I have type 1 & wear an insulin pump, they just let me handle it. I’ve had a doctor tell me, “you can do a better job at that than me”. Sad but SO very true! My diabetes affects so much of my physiology & my body’s response to illness. It’s relevant to anything that I’m being treated for.

During my procedure I set my pump to deliver a temporary basal rate that was 50% of what I would typically get. I wanted to ensure that I would not have a hypoglycemic episode after being NPO for so long /while I was under sedation. My blood sugar was checked pre-op & was 112. As soon as I opened my eyes & saw my Uncle sitting next to me I asked “Is my blood sugar okay”? I began to fumble around under the blanket to find my pump so that I could view my continuous glucose monitor. To my surprise, the nurse had checked my blood sugar during the procedure & came into the post op room very quickly to test it again. 103. Success!

I say all of this to show that diabetes does not take a day off. When I’m too sick to even lift my head… I have to test my blood sugar (more often actually). When I’m under sedation… I have to make sure my blood sugar is under control. I literally had to think ahead to program my temporary basal rate so that I could manage my diabetes when I was knocked out. Most days I don’t pay attention to just how much time during each day I spend on things diabetes related. The day of my procedure I definitely look a step back to look at everything. Managing diabetes can feel like a 2nd job sometimes. No wonder we can get burnt out! When my pump beeps & wakes me up at night telling me I’m too low or too high is it easier to press a single button to silence & go back to sleep? YES! When my pump beeps during a chaotic shift at work to let me know I’ve got less than 20 units remaining, would it be easier to take it off & refill it when I get home? Absolutely! But… diabetes doesn’t take a day off so neither do it.

Love, health & happiness,

Jessica Lynn

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