Diabetes & Dating

I figured this would be a good topic to bring up shortly after Valentine’s Day… diabetes and dating. As if dating isn’t awkward (& sometimes complicated) on it’s own I am facing the task of do it with diabetes.

I’ve been out of the dating game for a LONG time but it’s about time I get back out there again. I don’t have a ton of experience with this and I’m intrigued with how it’s going to go. Will it be a big deal to some people? There are so many people that don’t know much about type 1 diabetes and even worse there are people that have incorrect information about it.

I’m certainly not looking for someone to take care of my diabetes for me, I do that just fine on my own but I need someone that is open to learning about it and would know what to do in case of an emergency.  If my life was in the hands of my ex during an emergency I surely would have died. While I don’t want someone to be afraid to be around me, I need people that care about me to understand how serious it can be and how it impacts my life.

I suppose I would have to share this information on my first date after taking out my glucometer to check my blood sugar or my insulin pump to bolus for a meal. Questions are good and something I prefer rather than people making assumptions. I am not going to get up from the table to bolus insulin. I don’t expect others to get up from the table when their pancreas secretes insulin. 😉

Diabetes is a part of who I am. If you don’t like it, you can’t like me and that’s fine. There are things that are ‘deal breakers’ for people and me having diabetes may be one of them. I accept that and would be thankful for that person’s honesty and promptly move on. Kissing a few frogs is nothing new to me. It’s the price we pay for the value of the lessons learned.

Love, peace, & happiness,

Jessica Lynn


One thought on “Diabetes & Dating

  1. Hi Jessica. I am 58 and have not dated for 38, almost 39 years, but I understand the problem. I hope you find a great person. Oh and as I recall, I had a policy, diabetes is part of me, if they didn’t like that, well it was a good time to exit left, or right, depending on the location of the door.

    I also want you to know I referred your blog for inclusion on the TUDiabetes blog page. I hope doing so will being you some new date,,, ahh ,,, I mean readers.


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