Diabetes & the Holidays

Let’s face it, during the holiday season we all tend to over indulge. There are parties to attend and everywhere you turn you are being enticed by delicious foods.  Here are some tips to survive the holidays without feeling guilty or deprived!

Plan Ahead 

Eat light for the 1st meal of the day and have a small healthy snack before the BIG meal of the day. This way, you aren’t ‘starving’ and ready to eat everything in sight. Make sure the snack is carb free or at least very low in carbs so you don’t sabotage your blood glucose level (think veggie tray or cheese without the crackers).

If you take insulin, plan the time of your bolus appropriately and remember to check multiple times after the meal. Traditional holiday foods tend to be difficult to bolus for. How many carbs were in that 1 table spoon of mashed potatoes? What about the gravy? Oh, and I had 1/2 of a roll also- you get the idea. You may have to give yourself multiple corrections so that you don’t spike so high after the meal. You can also help decrease spikes by going for a walk after the meal or partaking in a friendly game of tag football in the front yard.

Choosing Foods

There is no reason that you can’t have your holiday favorites but be careful not to over do it! Choose smaller portion sizes, make sure to choose non starchy veggies, and be selective. If mashed potatoes are your favorite, skip the rolls.

Dessert and Alcohol 

Whenever I have dessert I always ask for a “diabetic portion”. Think about sharing that slice of pumpkin pie with someone else. Maybe even make your own diabetic friendly sweet to bring to your relatives home (sugar free pudding pie, replace sugar with Stevia in a favorite recipe etc.).

Keep in mind that many holiday themed cocktails have a lot of sugar in them! For many people, alcohol tends to LOWER blood glucose so keep that in mind when consuming beer, wine, and liquor.

Image result

MOST importantly take the time to make wonderful memories with your family and friends! 


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